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South Mayde Creek, flowing through Cullen Park

Parks Near barkers ridge

The Legacy of Addicks Reservoir

Addicks Reservoir, north of Interstate 10, and Barker Reservoir, to its south, together constitute nearly 26,000 acres set aside as flood zones to retain runoff from storms that would otherwise rush downstream to metropolitan Houston, The City of Houston recognized the recreational potential for this land, and has set aside a number of parks and other recreational areas adjacent or proximate to Barkers Ridge.

Cullen Park – is one of America's largest urban parks, 9,270 acres of outdoor recreational potential, much still in a natural state.  The park features baseball and soccer fields, along with picnic areas with covered tables near playground equipment and barbecue facilities. One picnic area is in a fine old pecan grove.  Park visitors can walk or ride their bikes along the paved trail that takes you past a historic cemetery that predates the reservoir, wildflower plantings, 2 wetland environments, and through the shade of splendid oaks.     

Bear Creek Pioneers Park - is 2,168 acres in size and has paved roads and parking for visitors. The park also features walking trails, an equestrian trail, a small zoo (including buffalos, an ostrich, and emus) and aviary, playgrounds, soccer fields, little league and softball fields, four lighted tennis courts, eight picnic pavilions, horseshoe courts, and hundreds of picnic tables and grills. Near the aviary ducks can been seen walking freely around a pond. The park also has restrooms all around the park and drinking water fountains.     

Bill Archer Dog Park – This public dog park, located at 3201 Highway 6,  is home to agility courses, ponds, walking trails, large grass areas, and covered spots.  With this park's fenced-in nature, your dog will have the freedom to run off-leash while they are playing and exploring the terrain. There are different areas for small dogs and for large dogs at this park and all rules and regulations for the Houston area are followe

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There are many parks in the West Houston area, both on the north and south sides of I-10.  Use the link below to show the locations of these many recreational attractions.