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Neighborhood Watch in Barkers Ridge

What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch is a non-confrontational crime prevention program that enlists the active participation of barkers ridge residents in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in their community.  It is about keeping an eye on each other, opening communication on your block, and hardening the target for criminals.

Who is Neighborhood Watch?

The Neighborhood Watch program employs the best crime fighting tool ever invented - a watchful Barkers Ridge neighbor.   Residents are the people who really know their neighborhood and may recognize when someone or something is suspect.  Neighborhood Watch participants serve as eyes and ears only. They observe and report suspicious activity. They do not act as law enforcement.

Neighborhood Watch in Barkers Ridge

Barkers Ridge's Neighborhood Watch program is led by its dedicated block captains, residents who have agreed to serve their neighbors and their community by increasing awareness of neighborhood security, by being the eyes and ears for our dedicated constable, and by just being there to let them know they are there in times of need.  We celebrate National Night Out in the first week of October with individual block parties, bringing residents together to catch up and be reminded of the importance of a safe and caring neighborhood.

Sections and Blocks

Barkers Ridge is organized into 60 blocks and six sections. 

  • Section 1A and 1B (the "Place") is north of Morton Road and west of the pool.  Section 1A is the westernmost area of the Place, containing the streets of Eagle Ridge Way, Dobbin Stream Lane, Bluebonnet Meadows Way, and that part of Buffalo River Way that intersects with those streets.
  • Section 2 (the "Park") is also north of Morton Road and east of the pool.  
  • Section 3 (the "Estates") is south of Morton Road and immediately adjacent to the Oak Ridge neighborhood.  
  • Sections 4 and 5 (the "Village") are west of the Harris County Flood Control District’s detention pond and north of Morton Road.  Section 4 is the southernmost area of the Village and contains all streets to the south of Woodglen Drive. Section 5 contains Woodglen Drive and all streets north of Woodglen.

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Block Captains

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